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Things to Consider

1. Do not design art that does not allow for press movement. All presses have movement its just a matter of degree. Computers can and do provide art that will not allow for any movement.

2. Do not use a color ink jet print out for a color match. It probably won't happen.

3. Do not have art done in Quark®. Too many problems- also many problems with Corel Draw® and Pagemaker®.

4. Limit the graphic programs on a specific project-more is not always better.

5. A computer/program does not make a graphic designer. Some of the best graphic designers/artists do not use a computer.

6. There can't be a "soft", "matte" finish and a match to a Pantone® "C" color - make sure
you know the difference between "C" colors and "U" colors.

7. There is a total difference between design art and production art. Make sure you know the difference between each and the point where the design and the production art work, and yield the same product.

8. Choose a printer before the production art is completed. If you don't it probably isn't. 

9. Show the comp to the printer and make sure it will work - then show it to management, customers, etc.

10. Buy a copy of the solid to process book. Know what CMYK is and how it works.

11. In our type printing we do not:

Burn plates
Print "Hot" colors
Walk it through
Have to wait for it to dry
print in sheets
Use Crack 'N' Peel® nor Star Liner®.
Run through press more than once.
Use solvents
Use "non toxic" soy inks.
12. Make sure trapping and press registration is understood.

13. A graphics program does not mean it is a printer's program.

14. Know the difference between a press operator and a printer.

15. Do not run graduated screens to zero (90% to 5% is a good range).

16. Labels are not "stickers"; "stickers" are a type of pressure sensitive product.

17. Most labels are run with 150 line screen. Do not use airbrush art that will require a 400 line screen to reproduce.

18. Most people that see the printed product look at it from 1-3 feet away. Very few consumers look at labels with a 10 power loop.

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