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A 4 color process printing method using the "CMYK" breakdown (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) presents unique problems for the flexographic printer. Most art work we receive using this design process is generated on a computer using any number of graphic programs. These programs do many things well, but additional things need to be considered in the design development process.

1. A solid color that should be printed as a straight (line) PMS color many times is developed by the creator as a 3 or 4 color process. This is costly and usually unnecessary. generally solid colors should be seperated and run as a seperate color.

2. Some colors cannot be reproduced by the print process. Pantone has a publication Solid to Process that illustrates this problem.

3.The computer does not automatically trap. Trapping is almost always necessary because of registration and design considerations. Trapping is a procedure that generally the same bust has to be tailored to the press running the job.

4. The computer does not consider running registration. All presses have a +/- tolerance. Consult with the printer prior to final design and production art.

5. Single color graduated screens should be in the 20% to 80% range. Not 0% to 100%. Most screens are 130 or 150 line. Consider the length of the graduation relative to the range.

6. Ovals always have to remain at 100%. They cannot be scaled up or down and then returned to the desired size after changes are made because of the distortion to the length/width elements.

7. UPC's must be generated for the correct printing process, with the proper bar width reduction.

8. Art needs to be color seperated with crop marks and register marks for each color.

9. Bleeds should be at least 1/8 of and inch. We cannot bleed a butt cut label.

10. Images used from CD's should be reviewed closely to determine the quality of the scan.

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