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Pre-Press Terminology:

Across x Around:
The way to state the dimensions of a label.

"Across the web" is the label width on the printing press being used; also the first number of a label dimension. 

The length of the label up to the maximum a specific press can handle, also the last number of a label dimension.

Black and White:
Usually refers to the final art without the use of color.

Individual depressions or wells in the surface of an engraved cyliner that retain ink.

Separations of art into cyan, magenta, yellow, black (4 color process).

Color Separations:
Set of 4 negatives for making plates for 4 color process.

Color Values:
Intensities and shading of color.

Comprehensive Dummy or "comp":
Complete simulation of a printed piece. Usually used prior to final art production.

Contact Positive:
A positive print made by placing a film negative into contact with undeveloped film and exposing to light.

Contact Print:
A general term applied to any photographic image made in a vacuum or printing frame by direct contact-as opposed to enlargements or non-contact.

Continuous Tone Copy:
All photographs and those illustrations having a range of shades.

Usually refers to the amount of ink or color covering any specific area.

Crop Marks:
Horizontal and vertical marks to show label outline/dimensions.

The creation of work to be printed.

Altering the arts dimension in the web direction to match the print cylinder circumference.

Dot Gain or Spread:
Phenomenon of dots printing larger on paper than they are on negatives or prints.

A gelatin coating containing light sensetive silver salts.

This term is used for the sum of the time and the intensity of illumination acting upon light sensitive material.

Phenomenon of a faint image on a printed label where it is not intended to appear.

To photograph continuous tones through a screen to convert the image into dots.

Donut-shaped spot or imperfection in printing, most visible in areas of heavy ink coverage.

Ink Pan or Ink Fountain:
Resevoir for ink in which the ink pick up cylinder rotates during printing.

Line Work:
Refers to artwork or photographic material which contains no tone values.

Match Print: 
A color proof made from platemaker negatives.

Camera ready assembly of type, graphics and other line copy complete with instructions to the printer.

Moire (pronounced moh-ray):
An undesirable checkerboard or plaid effect caused by the improper relationship of the screen angles used on the various plates.

Tranparent material placed upon artwork.

A flexible, light sensitive material used to make printing plates.

Pantone® Matching System. Universal system of color with numerical codes.

Photo mechanical transfer.

Print Cylinder:
The cylinder the photo polymer plate is mounted on with "stickyback".

Commonly used in terms indicating the number of colors involoved in a reproduction, such as 4 color process, 3 color process etc.

Production Art:
Taking the design and creating the art and plates that will accurately reproduce the design.

Progressive Proofs:
Proofs of color plates showing each color by itself and then in combination with the other process colors.

Reduction | Enlargement:
Altering of the artwork to fit a die, change etc. Oval art must be 100%.

A term used to describe the fit of one color with another, or of one positive or negative to another carrying the same image. "In register" indicates a proper fit, "out of register" indicates the opposite. 

The length of the printed piece (web direction) plus one space between the items.

Screen | Halftone:
Refers to an image created by the use of various size dots. Tonal gradations are created by controlling the size of the dots.

Screen Tint:
Area of image printed with dots so ink coverage is less than 100 percent and simulates shading or lighter color.

Breakdown of colors in a piece of copy into primary printing colors or special colors.

Step and Repeat:
The number of images across and around on a printing plate.

A colored photograph on transparent film.

Setting up art so one color prints over the other to give a clean print.

Universal Product Code. A bar code system for product identification.

Paper or other stock on a roll in a printing press; the full length of paper contained in a roll of stock as it passes through the press.

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