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Designing Art for Flexo Label Printing

Trapping, Registration:
It is not necessary to do your own trapping. Flexo printing uses a different set of standards for trapping than any other printing medium. A standard trap for flexo printing is 1 point. The area of trap will appear as another color. Unfortunately, this effect cannot be seen on a color inkjet printout. Colors should not butt up against each other unless they are underneath a solid black line of 1 point thickness or greater. This solid line; when overprinting the underlying colors; will cover any misregistration and eliminate the need for a trap in that area.

A bleed on any label should extend at least 1/8" past the outside edge of the label (the die line). A border on the inside of the die line of a label should be no smaller than 1/16 of an inch of 5 points on either side of the die line. Otherwise, due to movement of the press there may be too thin of a border on one or the other side of your finished labels.

Graduated Screens, Gradations:
A flexo graphic press cannot consistently hold a graduation of less than 3%. A graduated screen should be from 98% of color to 3% of color. A gradient of a spot color cannot have a combination of 2 colors in it. It must be either 1 color or a CMYK gradient. The computer automatically converts any gradients using more than one spot color to CMYK.

Type that is reversed out of a color should not be smaller than 5 points. Using bold type when reversing type is recommended. Photoshop should never be used to set type. Always use another program to set type and use Photoshop only for manipulating artwork.

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