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A term used to describe the fit of one color with another.

Register Mark
A small design usually the form of crossed fine lines etched in the same relative position on each plate.

The force required to remove the release liner from the facestock at a specified speed
and angle.

Release Coat
Material coated on the liner which allows labels to come off.

Release Liner
The component of the laminate which functions as the carrier for the label.

Removable Adhesive
Adhesive characterized by low ultimate adhesion and clean removability from a wide
variety of surfaces.

Adhesive left on substrate when a label is removed.

An engraving with the black and white areas reversed. For instance, black type on white paper would appear as white type on black paper if it had been reversed.

Crossed fine lines used to convert a continuous tone image into a screened image suitable for etching and printing. The number of lines per inch varies considerably dependent on the reproduction process and the quality of the paper being printed.

Screen Angle
Refers to the angle at which the crosslines of a screen are positioned in relation to the horizontal axis of the copy or plate. The screen for each color being printed in the process method has a specified angle of screen to avoid an objectionable moire pattern in the final product.

Screen Printing
Method of printing in which the ink is forced through a design on a taut screen and onto the object to be printed.

Breakdown of colors in a piece of copy into primary printing colors or special colors.

Service Temperature
The temperature range that a label will withstand after a 24 hour residence time on the substrate.

Process whereby rolls base stock are converted into sheets of finished labels by cutting them to the desired length in the sheeting stations.

Shelf Life
The period of time during which a product can be stored under specified conditions and still remain suitable for use.

A unique polymer system which can be used as a release coating.

Smudge Resistance
The resistance of a printed surface to smearing.

Solvent Resistance
The resistance of a PS label to the action of specific organic liquids.

A discoloration of a substrate or facestock caused by contact with products, particularly oil.

Any material used to receive the printed image, i.e. paper, board, foil etc.

The property of a label which causes it to adhere to a surface instantly with a minimum of pressure and contact time.

Ultimate Adhesion
The resistance of removal of a label.

Ultra Violet Resistance (UV)
The ability of a material to withstand extended exposure to sunlight (ultra violet) without degradation, hardening or excessive discoloration.

Paper or other stock from the roll in a printing press, the full length of paper contained in a roll of stock as it passes through the press.

Web Direction
The direction of a base stock parallel to its movement through the coater.

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