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Phenomenon of a faint image on a printed label where it was not intended to appear.

Gravure Printing
Intaglio printing process employing minute engraved "cells" which carry the ink to the printing surface.

Hot Stamping
A printing process in which the image is transferred to a label material by a combination of heat and pressure.

Initial Tack
A measure of the adhesives' immediate holding power.

Label, Transparent
A label whose face material, adhesive and protective coatings are optically clear so
that an object can be seen through it.

Lay Flat Liner
A label material with good non-curling and non-distortion characteristics.

Letterpress Printing
Printing process in which ink is applied to a surface from raised portions of rigid
printing plates or type.

Line Work
Refers to artwork or photographic material which contains no tone values.

The unused face and adhesive layers of a label stock surrounding a die cut label, which
is removed after the label is printed and die cut.

Matte Finish
A dull finish

The property of a material that causes it to attempt to return to its original dimensions.

Metallic Coating
A gold or silver coating applied to a face material.

Metallized Film
A plastic film that has been coated on one side with a very thin layer of metal.

The movement of components into either a substrate or face material.

(Pronounced moh-ray) An undesirable checkerboard or plaid effect caused by improper relationship of the screen angles used on the various positives.

Mold Release Agents
Materials used in the manufacture of molded objects (glass, plastic bottles) to facilitate their removal from the mold. Mold release agents can, in some instances cause serious adhesion problems.

Non-uniform coloring or coating of a face material or of the printing on the label.

Offset Printing
Process of indirect printing in which an impression on a flat plate is printed on a rubber-blanketed cylinder, from which it is impressed, i.e. offset, upon the surface to be decorated.

Application of a clear film to a label stock for the purpose of protection.

Wraparound labeling of a container in which one end of the label overlaps the other.

Orange Peel
A mottled or textured appearance of a label.

Series of small cuts made in labels and/or their release liner to facilitate tearing
along a predetermined line.

A strong, thin film having good resistance to moisture, solvents, oils and many other
chemicals. Usually transparent, although available with metallized finish.

A tough, stretchy plastic film having very good low temperature characteristics.
Also used a great deal for producing semi-rigid bottles.

Similar to polyethylene but stronger and having a higher temperature resistance.

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
Adhesives that develop a strong bond to such materials as paper, plastic, glass or

Process Printing
Multicolor printing utilizing a variety of printing screens, and usually using yellow, cyan magenta and black inks to give an optical effect of all colors and hues being present in a composite picture.

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