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Abrasion Resistance
The degree to which a label surface - including printing and protective coatings is able to resist scuffing.

Transparent and matte films.

Adhesive based on high strength, acrylic polymers.

A substance capable of holding materials together.

Adhesive, Permanent
Relatively high ultimate adhesion. The label either cannot be removed intact or requires a great deal of force to be removed.

Adhesive, Removable
Low ultimate adhesion. The label can be removed from most substrates without damaging the surface or leaving a residue or stain.

Application Temperature
Temperature of a substrate, or label material at the time the label will be applied.

Art work
All items of original art copy, whether prepared by an artist, computer, camera or other means.

A printed area that extends to the edge of a label, usually accomplished by printing approximately 1/8" beyond the actual die cut.

Migration of materials from an adhesive or substrate into a face material, resulting in a mottled appearance of the facestock and possibly detrimental effects to the adhesive.

Butt Cut Labels
Labels separated by a single cut to the liner. No space exists between labels.

Condition in which the image is depressed below the normal surface of the label stock.

A variety of tools used for cutting material to a desired shape.

Die Cut
The cut line between a label and its waste made by the edge of a die.

Dot Gain
Phenomenon of dots printing larger on paper than they are on negative or plates.

Edge Lift (Flagging )
The tendency of the edge of a label to lift off the surface of the substrate.

Condition in which the image is raised above the surface.

Fan Fold
Labels produced with perforations in the liner so the finished labels can be folded
into flat packs rather than wound in rolls.

Acetate, polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, vinyl and other material used as

The surface property of a paper or film determined by its texture and gloss.

Fish Eyes
Round or oval deformations in an adhesive, coating, ink or lamination.

Flexographic Printing
Method of rotary printing which employs raised images on polymer plates and rapid drying inks.

A thin laminated aluminum foil used as a facestock material.

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